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What says peace and relaxation more than your very own private island right off the coast of the world-famous Diani Beach? Turn your dreams into reality by staying at The Sands at Chale Island. This island is a enchanting sanctuary adorned with a burst of vibrant plant life and wildlife, including a mystical inland tidal mangrove lake. The pristine, crystal-clear waters teeming with brilliant coral will encompass you throughout the day, all while being surrounded by a natural mangrove forest. You'll feel in harmony with nature, even with a dedicated staff ready to cater to your every need. Positioned 200 meters away from the mainland, this island boasts 15 acres of ancient indigenous forest and a tidal mangrove lake. Your private room will captivate you with its traditional architecture and intricately carved wooden furnishings. Opting for the overwater suite will immerse you in the serenity of gentle waves. The opportunity for leisurely strolls in the sacred kaya forest on Chale Island or along the beach is yours for the taking, providing endless chances to encounter the local wildlife.

About The Tour

Inclusions Exclusions
  • Travel Insurance
  • SGR Tickets To And From Mombasa
  • Transfer To And From SGR Station In Mombasa
  • 3 Days; 2 Nights Accommodation
  • Meals on Half Board.

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