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Located at the heart of the Laikipia region, perched on a high cliff, Jambo Mutara Camp offers a sweeping 360-degree view of pristine wilderness. Here, you'll find the perfect blend of untamed Africa and unparalleled luxury, surrounded by iconic wildlife. Our dedicated personal service will attend to your every need, and the safari-inspired decor will transport you to a bygone era. Jambo Mutara Camp-Laikipia is the sole lodging option within the expansive 20,000-acre Mutara Conservancy, boasting only 15 tents. When we say "exclusive," we truly mean it. The camp shares its border with the renowned Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and through our partnership with them, our guests enjoy unrestricted access to this vast 90,000-acre wilderness area. Together, Mutara Conservancy and Ol Pejeta form the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa.

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  • 2 Days; 1 Night Accommodation
  • Meal Plan On Full Board Basis (Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner)
  • Transport

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