5 Days Zanzibar Tropical Island Package - Zanzibar Tropical Island

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5 Days Zanzibar Tropical Island Package 4.5

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Zanzibar-The Jewel Of East Africa. Here you can find powder-soft sand beaches with fascinating historical towns and verdant palm trees. It is indeed the perfect place to escape from the world and enjoy life. From the turquoise blue-waters of the ocean to the historically rich towns, Bonfire Adventures is ready to get you to this touristic hotspot.

About The Tour

Inclusions Exclusions
  • Evening Traditional Sunset Dhow Cruise
  • Mnemba Island Day Tour
  • Meal Plan (As Per Hotel Chosen)
  • Spice Tour And Stone Town Tour
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Return Flight Tickets
  • 04 Nights accommodation

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