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Mombasa For The School Holiday - sarova whitesands

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Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa is amongst the best hotels in Mombasa. It is both a luxury beach hotel as well as an adventure beach resort offering world class facilities and activities to both corporate travellers and families looking for fun and recreation. Our beachfront location on the pristine white sandy beaches of Mombasa makes it the ideal place to relax and enjoy all that Kenya has to offer you. Half an hour from Mombasa's city centre and 21 kilometres from Mombasa's Moi International Airport, Sarova Whitesands is the ideal place to stay when visiting Mombasa. Whether you're travelling on business or pleasure, our beach hotel in Mombasa will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. The hotel's 340 rooms sit on one of the longest, lush beachfronts on the Kenyan Coast and the open air restaurants and bars offer world-class varied cuisines and service, making it the best hotel in Mombasa. Enjoy the five swimming pools and a beachfront spa. The terraces of all rooms and suites offer spectacular ocean, pool and tropical garden views. The hotel has several modern venues for conferences, banquets, weddings and events. At Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa, our chefs create menus that blend regional and international flavours. They are constantly exploring new culinary techniques to ensure that your dining experience here is as memorable as the location. Enjoy dining at any one of our three restaurants – from local and international cuisine, fresh seafood and regional dishes to decadent desserts. The resort also offers three lively bars to relax and enjoy some quality time with family or friends. If sun, sea and sand are important to you, then there’s only one place to stay in Mombasa – Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa.

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Inclusions Exclusions
  • Meal Plan As Per Hotel Chosen
  • Travel Insurance
  • SGR Tickets To And From Mombasa
  • 3 Days; 2 Nights
  • Return Coast Transfers

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